The Best Telemarketing Services

The Best Telemarketing Services

Contrary to popular belief, telemarketing is still a viable marketing strategy for businesses.

The best telemarketing services offer more than just cold calling random numbers to sell something. They assist with lead generation, campaign management, and other essential services to make sure you’re generating a high ROI.

Some telemarketing services even have complete call center solutions, from answering services to call forwarding and more.

If you’re looking for the best telemarketing service for your business, I’ll help you find one that fits your needs.

The 10 Best Telemarketing Services of 2020

There are hundreds of different telemarketing companies on the market today. Finding the best option for you can be tough if you don’t know where to start.

After conducting extensive research, I’ve narrowed down the top ten telemarketing companies:

This guide contains an in-depth review of each service. We’ll cover the features, benefits, and other factors to consider during your search.

Best Telemarketing Services Reviews


• In business for 60+ years
• Located in the United States
• Full-service sales & marketing
• Wide range of services
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DialAmerica has been around for 60+ years. They have 19 call centers that are all located within the United States. Each year, DialAmerica makes 100 million calls.

With DialAmerica, you get more than just telemarketing. It’s a full-service sales and marketing organization.

The call center agents at DialAmerica are not taught script reading. Instead, they learn active listening skills for establishing rapport with customers. These sales skills help them use personalized and persuasive techniques.

By adding a human touch to these calls, customers are much more engaged than they would be from listening to a script.

The marketing campaigns from DialAmerica are based on data and advanced reporting. These are highly customizable and always accessible. The analytics used by the DialAmerica representatives make it possible for them to adjust and improve campaigns on the fly.

Common industries that use DialAmerica’s telemarketing services include:

  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Ecommerce
  • Education
  • B2B sales and service
  • Communications
  • Financial services
  • Government
  • Nonprofit
  • Publishing

DialAmerica has call center services for lead generation, appointment setting, customer acquisition, customer retention, and customer service. They even offer direct mail fulfillment.

Flatworld Solutions

• Wide range of services
• Cold calling
• Affordable pricing
• Telemarketing services that scale
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Flatworld Solutions offers a wide range of outsourcing services. In addition to call centers, this company provides photo editing, software development, design, data entry, transcription services, and more.

They have a global reach with offices and delivery centers in the US, India, and the Philippines.

Flatworld Solutions has the infrastructure and everything you need for telemarketing at scale. Here’s a quick overview of the telemarketing services that they offer:

  • Cold calling
  • B2B cold calling
  • Real estate cold calling
  • B2C cold calling
  • Inbound telemarketing
  • Outbound telemarketing
  • Telemarketing consulting services
  • List marketing services

Flatworld Solutions uses some of the best call center software on the market today. They use Zendesk, HubSpot, Five9, LiveAgent, Salesforce, and more.

Let’s take a look at the affordable pricing rates for the call center services offered by Flatworld Solutions:

  • Telemarketing and non-technical support — Starting at $8 per hour
  • Technical support — Starting at $10 per hour
  • Advanced technical support — Starting at $15 per hour

Rates vary based on factors like volume, call complexity, and other contract terms. But with telemarketing services as low as $8 per hour, it’s a great way to get a high ROI.

Squeeze Media

• Full-service BPO firm
• Inbound & outbound calling
• Specialty services
• In business since 2009
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Squeeze Media is a business process outsourcing (BPO) firm based in Utah.

Launching back in 2009, Squeeze Media is a bit newer and smaller compared to some of the other companies on our list. But that’s definitely an advantage for those of you who want a more personal relationship with your telemarketing service provider.

B2C telemarketing is one of the many specialty services offered at Squeeze Media. With a mix of inbound and outbound calling, the Squeeze Media agents can sell your products and services.

Squeeze Media offers other services, including call center solutions such as:

  • Lead generation
  • Live transfers
  • Lead development
  • Consultative sales
  • B2B pipeline development
  • Marketing automation
  • Inbound customer service
  • Outbound customer retention

For those of you who want to work with a smaller US-based telemarketing service, Squeeze Media will be a top option for you to consider. As a full-service BPO firm, they have the resources and tools you need for success.


• Specialize in lead generation
• Target high-value prospects
• Focused on B2B telemarketing
• Used by 7,000+ businesses
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Callbox is a bit unique compared to some of the other telemarketing services in this guide. That’s because they specialize in lead generation and appointment setting for B2B organizations.

The agents at Callbox know how to target high-value prospects.

But rather than closing leads themselves, like a low-ticket value B2C telemarketing campaign, Callbox will qualify those leads and set appointments for you. So your sales team will still need to make the sale, but Callbox makes it easier for them by providing qualified leads with confirmed appointments.

Big companies like HP, Forbes, ADT, Motorola, and DHL all trust Callbox with their B2B telemarketing needs.

Callbox also provides services for things like account-based marketing, customer profiling databases, and event marketing.

More than 7,000 businesses have used Callbox for B2B lead generation. This service provider has set up 520,000+ appointments for its clients.

Quality Contact Solutions

• PCI Level 1 service provider
• B2C outsourced telemarketing
• B2B outbound marketing services
• Wide range of solutions
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Quality Contact Solutions is a PCI Level 1 service provider. Businesses that process $1 to $6 million in credit cards per year need to use a Level 1 PCI call center to remain PCI compliant.

This ensures that any credit card information captured over the phone is completely secure.

Quality Contact Solutions provides B2C outsourced telemarketing and B2B outbound marketing services. They also have solutions for consulting and outsourced telemarketing quality assurance.

The majority of the B2C telemarketing services from Quality Contact Solutions is geared toward existing customers.

  • Cross-sell to existing customers
  • Up-sell to existing customers
  • Information blitz to new and existing customers

The list of B2B telemarketing services is a bit more extensive. Common solutions include:

  • Lead generation and qualification
  • Appointment setting
  • Inbound customer service
  • Existing customer cross-sell and upsell
  • Technical support center
  • Inbound customer service

Pricing for Quality Contact Solutions telemarketing services typically falls into three separate categories—hourly, performance-based, or hourly plus performance.

The majority of these fees fall somewhere between $2,500 and $10,000. You can request a quote based on the needs of your business.


• Dozens of service options
• Strategic consulting
• Telemarketing services
• Inbound call center services
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Go4customer has one of the most extensive product and service offerings on our list. In addition to call center and telemarketing services, they provide things like strategic consulting, data management, debt collection, online reputation management, app marketplace promotion, HR outsourcing, and more.

These are just a handful of the dozens of services that Go4customer handles.

Telemarketing is one aspect of Go4customer’s outbound call center services. They also offer appointment scheduling, lead generation, customer surveys, and verification services.

Go4customer has been in business for roughly 20 years. Consistency is something that they promise and strive for every day.

If you’re using Go4customer for telemarketing, you might also want to consider taking advantage of the inbound call center services. They provide customer support, help desk solutions, tech support, product information requests, inquiries, and toll-free services.

Here’s an overview of the industries that Go4customer commonly works with:

  • Automotive
  • Healthcare
  • Travel
  • Luxury
  • Ecommerce
  • Real estate
  • Information technology
  • Banking
  • Energy
  • Telecom
  • Agriculture
  • Public services

If you fall into one of these categories and you’re interested in other services beyond telemarketing, Go4customer will be a top choice for you.

Strategic Calls

• Strategic telemarketing services
• Targets CEO’s & decision-makers
• Cold calling services
• Simple pricing
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Strategic Calls offers telemarketing services that target C-suite and executive-level decision-makers. If you’re a B2B organization that wants to target CEOs, CTOs, CFO, CMOs, and other executives, Strategic Calls will be the best option for you.

You can also run campaigns to target mid-level management or cold calling services direct to customers.

Campaigns from Strategic Calls take place over a five-day period. Here’s a quick overview of what happens each day.

  • Day 1 — Prepare a prospect list, identify call purpose, develop script and workflow.
  • Day 2 — First attempt of outbound calls.
  • Day 3 — Second attempt of outbound calls.
  • Day 4 — Third attempt of outbound calls.
  • Day 5 — Analyze results and plan the next steps.

Strategic Calls charges $1,000 for three rounds of calls (over five days) to 50 C-level prospects. The rate for three rounds of calls to mid-level management is $750.

For those of you interested in telemarketing to individual customers, Strategic Calls charges $250 for one round of calls attempts to 500 prospects.

Worldwide Call Center

• Call centers across the globe
• Wide range of services
• Low costs & rates
• In business 20+ years
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As the name implies, Worldwide Call Centers has, yes, you guessed it—call centers across the world. With locations in the United States, Canada, Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Philippines, India, Pakistan, and Africa, this provider has the biggest global presence on our list.

The benefit of using a telemarketing service in one of these countries is the cost. Using call center services outside of the US and Canada will give you access to the cheapest rates.

If you’re comfortable using a traditional scripted approach to telemarketing to save some money, Worldwide Call Centers is perfect for things like:

  • Market research
  • Tech support
  • Lead generation
  • Surveys
  • Appointment taking
  • Back office processing
  • Sales
  • Help desk
  • Customer support
  • Direct response

For 20+ years, Worldwide Call Centers has been an industry leader in outsourced telemarketing services. Contact them today for a custom quote. You can choose your call center and get a rate based on your monthly call volume.


• Specializes in answering services
• Native English speakers
• Focus on lead generation
• Pay based on usage
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SAS specializes in call center answering services. In fact, that’s where the acronym SAS comes from (Specialty Answering Services).

While this might be their primary service, SAS also has exceptional telemarketing solutions.

SAS is 100% US-based. All of the reps are native English speakers that live and work in the United States. SAS puts a strong emphasis on quality control, with QA teams screening 2,000+ calls per month.

The telemarketing services at SAS primarily focus on lead generation.

In addition to traditional outbound telemarketing, SAS has a few specialty lead generation categories that include appointment making, insurance appointment setting, and janitorial appointment setting.

With SAS, you’ll pay based on usage (per minute). Rates start as low as $31 per month + $1.19 per minute, which is ideal for low volume telemarketing. These rates go as high as $7,749 per month for 10,000 minutes.

It’s safe to say that SAS has a plan for everyone. You can try their services for free with a 14-day trial.

Superhuman Prospecting

• Inbound & outbound services
• Cold calling & lead generation
• Appointment setting
• Focused on B2B
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Superhuman Prospecting is a division of Pereus Marketing. This Pennsylvania-based agency is an outsourced sales team.

All of the call center representatives have a background in sales at the B2B level. This makes them perfect candidates for selling to your prospective clients.

Superhuman Prospecting takes the time to understand your business and its needs. As experienced sales men and women, they have been thoroughly trained in the art of pitching to yield higher conversions.

The services offered by Superhuman Prospecting can be segmented into three main categories:

  • Cold calling
  • Lead generation
  • Appointment setting

They also offer inbound call center services, in addition to the telemarketing options listed above.

Superhuman Prospecting has experience working with industries like small business, law firms, property management, construction, real estate, tech, security, education, automotive, food service, consulting, and more. Contact them today for a free quote on telemarketing rates.

How to Choose the Best Telemarketing Service For Your Business

Not every telemarketing service will be the best option for your business. There are certain factors that you must take into consideration when you’re evaluating prospective choices.

This is the methodology that we use and recommend. I’ll give you a brief overview of each element below.

Call Center Location

The location of call centers is important for a couple of different reasons.

For starters, this has a significant impact on the rate you’ll pay. If you outsource telemarketing overseas to countries like India or the Philippines, you’ll pay much less than you would if you’re using a US-based call center.

With that said, some companies would rather pay a premium to use call centers with native English speakers. But if you’re on a tight budget, outsourcing to a global telemarketing center would be better for your business.

Business Type and Industry

Some telemarketing services specialize in certain industries, whether it’s law firms, retail, financial services, or something else. One firm might excel in sales, while another is better for something like appointment setting.

Your target market will impact the decision on which service you choose as well. For example, there are telemarketing services that target CEOs and other C-level executives, whereas other services are better for cold calling general consumers at scale.

Additional Services

In most cases, telemarketing won’t be the only service offered by the provider you’re considering. The majority of the options on our list also provide a wide range of additional services.

From inbound call center solutions to full-service BPO providers, you can benefit from packages that go beyond the phone. Check out those other offerings. It’s easier to get these all under one roof instead of outsourcing to multiple agencies.


Telemarketing can be a tough business. Somewhat unfairly, it’s developed a negative reputation over the years. But that’s largely due to service providers cutting corners when it comes to quality.

Take the time to conduct due diligence before you sign a contract. Some of the service providers on our list have been in the industry for 60+ years. I typically lean towards working with well-established companies boasting a credible reputation.


What’s the best telemarketing service for your business? Here’s a recap of the top ten telemarketing services that we reviewed in this guide:

  • DialAmericaUS-based call centers with 60+ years of telemarketing experience.
  • Flatworld Solutions — Cold calling telemarketing starting at $8 per hour.
  • Squeeze Media — Small BPO (business process outsourcing) provider based in Utah.
  • Callbox — Best telemarketing service for B2B lead generation and appointment setting.
  • Quality Contact Solutions — Telemarketing services with several pricing models.
  • Go4customer — Extensive list of other services beyond call centers and telemarketing.
  • Strategic Calls — Best telemarketing service for targeting executives and managers.
  • Worldwide Call Centers — Best cheap telemarketing service with global call centers.
  • SAS — Answering service with telemarketing rates based on usage.
  • Superhuman Prospecting — Telemarketing agents with a background in sales.

Whether you’re a small business targeting general consumers or a B2B company targeting executive-level decision-makers, there’s a telemarketing service for your organization on this list. For all budgets and call center needs, use this guide to help you make a decision.